Senior Candidates

Senior Candidates include graduates of the M.Sc. and PhD programs who are registered as Engineers-in-Training or Professional Engineers with Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba.

Post Graduate Candidates

Internationally Educated Candidates

If you graduated from an engineering program outside of Canada, or did not attend a ceremony at the time of your graduation from an accredited engineering program in Canada, you must attend an Obligation Ceremony as a Senior Candidate.

If you are registered as an Engineer-in-Training or Professional Engineer with a provincial engineering licensing body you may apply as a Senior Candidate.  

Ceremony Application

To attend a ceremony in WINNIPEG as a senior candidate, complete the online {Application Form} before the deadline. Cost for the application is $30, payable at the orientation.

Application Deadline

  • Oct. 21 for the Fall Ceremony
*First Name
*Last Name
*Licensing Organization
*Membership Number